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Welcome to the Texas Republican County Chairmen's Association Website!

The Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association (TRCCA) is an auxiliary organization of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) which serves to educate and support RPT County Chairmen. TRCCA does this through:

  • Regional and statewide training seminars
  • Training materials
  • Special events
  • Scholarship opportunities


In past years, TRCCA hosted the following meetings and events:

  • Biennial Meeting: This meeting will be held either during or within 24 hours of the beginning or ending of the biennial state convention of the Republican Party of Texas.
  • Annual Meeting: The TRCCA President may call a general meeting in any year in which the biennial meeting will not be held.
  • County Chair Training:  TRCCA will hold a meeting prior to or in conjunction with the Texas Secretary of State Training in order to train county chairs for the Primary Election in even years.  Paid members' lunches are free.   
  • Republican Legislators Reception: TRCCA holds a reception for legislators in Austin prior to or during the legislative session. 
  • TRCCA Breakfast / Luncheon:  A breakfast or luncheon is held during the State Republican Convention and provides TRCCA members a special opportunity to hear from elected officials and candidates such as those for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Land Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner and many other others.
  • Training Events:  Every County Chair knows how important it is to do his/her job well and is eager to learn as much as possible.  TRCCA offers many opportunities for training in different areas around the state.     






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