Our scholarship program was instituted by TRCCA President Carl Tepper in 2014. The purpose of the scholarship program is to assist county parties in facing the formidable challenges in keeping Texas red.  The initial group of recipients numbered ten. The initial ten scholarship recipients are now among some of the most successful county parties in Texas. The program is established, effective and efficient with helping grow our county parties.

Two Scholarship Paths: County-level Approach

1. Merit Based – Path:

  • matrix defined by current political/regional needs in Texas & established by the TRCCA leadership

2. Need Defined – Path:

  • New Chairman/CEC
  • Incumbent Republican retiring (house, senate, congressional seat)
  • Democrat Controlled Seat (house, senate, congressional)


  • County Chairman submits application for scholarship, on behalf of their CEC.
  • Completed application is submitted to TRCCA leadership
  • Application is reviewed and funding amount/eligibility is voted on by Board of Directors
  • Funds are released to County Party, based on availability.

*contact Executive Director Dwayne Wright for more details: 832-966-1300 |