Electronic Voting is available for each Senate District to obtain for the SD Caucuses at the State Convention. The use of these devices saves valuable time and effort in recording votes. Instead of passing out several hundred paper ballots, collecting and counting them, all is done in a 30 second time span and click of a button.

The cost is $9 per delegate. Some counties have already contributed but we would like to ask you on March 24 at your County /SD convention to canvass your elected State delegates if they would like to pay for this option. A County CEC may also opt to pay for their delegation or you may solicit funds from your Patrons and elected officials.

County Chairmen and SREC members, help coordinate this week to ascertain if there is a buy-in for your senate district before sending any funds to the RPT.

Once you have established a Senate District buy-in, collect money for your county and have your Treasurer send one check for money collected. This may be accompanied by Patron donations as well from individuals making donations to cover several delegates.

Mark your checks with your county name and EV for electronic voting
Only Senate Districts who make the commitment by March 26, will obtain use of the electronic voting devices for their caucuses at the State Convention.