New RPT rules adopted at the 2018 convention 

The following rules were adopted, without the will and voice of several thousands delegates being heard.  These rules were not amended or debated on the floor.  The TRCCA find these new rules insulting and degrading to the hard working volunteers that perform 95% of all the statutory work for elections in Texas. This volunteer work is precisely how we keep Texas red!  Our focus should be on growing our party and beating the Democrats, not having to justify every single decision we make to the State Republican Executive Committee, once a quarter, because of these egregious rules. 

Rule 8.

j. Removal of County Chairman for Abandonment of Office or Ineligibility If the County Executive Committee (CEC) by a majority vote of the full body, finds that a county chair is in violation of Texas election code 171.029 or is no longer eligible for office as required by Texas Election Code 141.001, the CEC shall send a resolution and supporting documentation to the SREC officials committee to begin an official review for remedy. Nothing in this rule prohibits any person affiliated with the Republican Party of Texas from causing a resolution to be considered by the State Republican Executive Committee as outlined in Texas Election Code section 171.029 (c).

k. County Chairman Misbehavior in Office — A County Chairman may be deemed to have misbehaved in office by failing to perform statutory duties, failing to attend four (4) consecutive County Executive Committee Meetings, embezzling County Executive Committee funds, being convicted of election fraud, or other behavior designed to disgrace the Republican Party. A written demand signed by at least a majority of the Precinct Chairman of a County Executive Committee shall be forwarded to the Officials Committee of the State Republican Executive Committee. If the Officials Committee finds that the complaint has merit, the Officials Committee shall conduct a hearing on the conduct of the County Chairman and shall forward a recommendation to the State Chairman for consideration for appropriate lawful remedy. [ Note: “remedy” is not defined because there is absolutely no action that the RPT can take to remove a County Chair from office unless they violate rules set forth in our Texas Election Code.  We are elected officials and the voters of our counties have the ultimate ability to hold us accountable, not a committee in Austin who needs to focus on keeping Texas red.]

l. No member of a State Executive Committee, County Executive Committee, or State Convention Committee may vote on any issue for which the member is a registered lobbyist or has a substantial interest, as defined by the Local Government Code Title 5 subtitle C section 171.002, with respect to the issue to be voted upon.

m. SREC Officials Committee Mediation of Disputes — County Chairmen and County Executive Committees may elect to submit disputes between them to the SREC Officials Committee for mediation in lieu of litigation.  The SREC Officials Committee may elect to accept or decline the role of mediator on a case-by-case basis.

n. All proposed disciplinary (including censure) actions by a County Executive Committee that have continuing effect, under these rules shall be in writing and shall be included by the Chairman on the agenda of the notice of meeting posted in compliance with the rules of the County Executive Committee. Upon receipt of a resolution regarding censure from a County Executive Committee, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas shall cause consideration of the resolution to be included on the agenda at the next scheduled meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC). Both bodies shall send the subject of the disciplinary action (including censure) notice by certified mail at the same time as the notice of meeting is posted.

Please follow this link, find your newly elected SREC reps and let them know you support striking Rules 8 k through n.  https://www.texasgop.org/leadership-directory/state-republican-executive-committee/  

Please also share your opinion with our State Chairman James Dickey jrdickey@texasgop.org